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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Understanding Different Types of Online Content
  • Learn the three main types of online content you’ll be asked to write
  • Understand what differentiates each type of content
  • Learn my tips and tricks to find jobs within each type of content
Module 2: How to Master Each Type of Online Content
  • Learn to create superior online content in all three major categories
  • Review various writing samples and explore detailed examples of how they can be improved
  • Get my best tips for becoming a better writer, no matter where you’re writing
Module 3: Researching and Sourcing Basics
  • Understand how to properly research and source your articles
  • Learn how to differentiate good sources from bad (and why it’s important)
  • Get tips for locating the best sources
  • Learn why using proper researching and sourcing techniques makes clients love you
Module 4: Productivity Tips to Earn $1,000 Per Day
  • Learn to identify high-maintenance clients and avoid them
  • Explore how you can increase your productivity by completing small tasks
  • Get my best tips for combating writer’s block
Module 5: Finding Killer Clients
  • Understand and master the art of “warm pitching”
  • Learn about my favorite resource for connecting with high profile clients and publications
  • Learn how to locate clients who (probably) have the money to pay you
Module 6: Conversations You’ll Need to Have
  • Understand why good communication with clients is essential to getting ahead
  • Learn to professionally communicate with clients regarding payment and the scope of your work
  • Learn how to set expectations and control the conversation
  • Read real-life examples of how I’ve responded to clients in sensitive situations
  • Get ideas for how you can respond to unreasonable clients in a professional manner
Module 7: PRO Tips for Adding More Value
  • Learn how to add more value and make yourself an important part of your client’s team
  • Find out how to add value without seeming overly needy
  • Explore my nine favorite ways to add value with ease (and make more money in the process)
Module 8: Tracking, Invoicing, and Bookkeeping Basics
  • See the simple way I keep track of my assignments and due dates
  • Learn how to create a basic invoice (and why basic is better)
  • Find out how we handle our bookkeeping
  • Learn some of my favorite tricks for saving time and money on administrative tasks
  • Get suggestions about my favorite tracking, invoicing, and bookkeeping tools
Module 9: Mindset Rules for the Six-Figure Freelance Writer
  • Find out why the best writers don’t always make the most money
  • Learn what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to making money
  • Understand how structuring your day can help you achieve financial success
  • Get my favorite tips and tricks that successful writers use to get ahead



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