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What You’ll Learn In Seller Financing Essentials

  • Achieve a 75-80% conversion rate — Learn how I’m able to close 4 out of every 5 sellers I meet
  • Present the exact “winning pitch” I always use to close hundreds of profitable Owner Financing deals (it’s a proven money-maker)
  • Discover the underlying motivation of the seller, so you can leverage their exact needs & interests to craft a custom contract offer that gets a “YES”
  • Present a custom contract offer in a manner that’s agreeable to the seller (without sacrificing your profit)
  • “Lead Learning Out” — High-level negotiation technique that’s done 90% by listening to your seller’s needs (and 10% asking the right questions)
  • Use the specific phrases that I use to reinforce the positive image and idea of yourself in the minds of your seller
  • Position yourself as the sole ‘solution’ for their problem — so they won’t close with anyone but you
  • Know what to do if your offer gets rejected — In case your seller asks for something else, you can come up with a different offer on the spot (and stay on track to buy that property!)
  • There’s a LOT going on in real estate negotiations…




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