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  • How to avoid the Big-Bad-3 – The 3 global trends that will wipe out 50-90% of jobs and retirement plans– and how to profit from these trends TODAY and for decades to come.
  • ​The world’s simplest way to double your income without doubling your work – you’ll be shocked at how few people are talking about this sneaky methodology.
  • ​How to create “Windfall Income” on command – so one-off paycheques of $5k to $10k a time.
  • ​How to create “Generous-Recurring Income” on command. These are smaller paycheques of few hundred bucks to $1k a month, but they come in month-after-month
  • ​The easy 2-step way to becoming a ‘Shovel-Seller’ (the people who made the REAL money in the gold-rush days) selling to the modern-day gold-miners – a.k.a. all the people trying to become social media influencers.
  • ​The #1 skill you must have in the Digital Age to become a highly-respected, well-connected business-growth catalyst (and a guru if you wanted to be one) – Hint: it’s not about knowing Facebook Ads. It’s not about looking good on IG or having charisma on camera either. It’s about being damn good at this one skill.
  • ​The secret Dan Lok’s been hiding on how he ACTUALLY built his YouTube to 2-million+ followers from the ground up – never before revealed until now.
  • ​And much, much more.


About Dan Lok:

Dan Lok – A.K.A. The Asian Dragon – is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate is the founder of

Dan’s helped millions of people from 150+ countries to develop high-income skills, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies.
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