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What You’re Getting Inside

The 6 Parts to a Perfect Cold Email. You’ll learn the key ingredients to how we write cold emails from scratch using 6 important pieces.
How not to get Marked as Spam when Cold Emailing: You’ll learn exactly how to avoid the dreaded spam folder when emailing someone for the first time.
The Legal Issues with Cold Email: You’ll learn exactly when you can and when you can’t cold email a business owner.
How to Find a Business’ “best email address”: You’ll learn how to find the best address to email a potential client.
The Perfect time to Send a Cold Email You’ll learn exactly how we determine the best time to send our cold emails so that it doesn’t get buried under other emails.
How to Research a Prospect: This will help you select which of the 10 cold email scripts will hit them perfectly and get them to reply.

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Our 10 “Perfect Cold Emails” Scripts: 1) The “Referred by” Script. 2) The “Common Acquaintance” Script. 3) The “Congratulations” Script. 4) The “Replace or Assist Open Position” Script. 5) The “Bold Bribe” Script. 6) The “Something of Interest” Script. 7) The “Shook your Hand” Script. 8) The “Video Demo w/ Trial” Script. 9) The “QVC Cold” Script. 10) The “Benefits List” Script.
[Platinum Only] The Full Cold Email Follow up Logic and Script Package.
[Platinum Only] Why you should be following up with every cold email prospect.
[Platinum Only] How to decided what script to followup with.
[Platinum Only] Our 18 Powerful Followup email Templates (we use these to always have something to send to a prospect and to stay “top of mind”. This is important because they it helps them remember who we are when we call to schedule a meeting)


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