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Do you struggle to know what your customers want?

You probably have no idea what you should be saying to them to get them to buy your product.

So you try things and some of your ads work, others fail, but you’re not 100% sure why.

When you’re about to write an ad, you’re afraid it’s just going to be another waste of time because you have no Idea if your audience will really connect with what you’re about to write.

If you struggle with that issue, pay close attention to this review; this is probably the right course for you.

This is a complete copywriting course.

It’s designed to give you everything you need to be able to write solid marketing text including, videos, written sales letters, pages on a website, emails and even webinars.

You’ll get everything you should expext in a beginner copywriting course.

  • You get all the techniques and frameworks you need to write persuasive texts that get your viewers interested in your products.
  • You get great tips on how to come up with killer headlines for your articles and titles for your videos that people will want to click on.
  • It gives tou a step-by step framework to create good copy and alway know what should come next so you’re never stuck with blank page syndrome
  • And all the rest you’d expect

So, even if you are totally new to copywriting, with this course alone, you’ll get enough tools to get started as a copywriter.

But really here is the thing that makes this course stand out:

This course goes really in-depth into customer research.

Which I think is something most other copywriting courses are missing.

Because copywriting isn’t just about using the right writing techniques and frameworks.

You shouldn’t be trying to sell a cat to someone who want to buy a furry animal by telling them that cats are awesome because they make cool sounds.

If that person doesn’t care about cool sounds, it will not make them want to buy a cat.

People get interested in products, not because they have a lot of cool features, but because they solve one of their deep desires.

If they aren’t looking for cool sounds but they care about fur that is fun to touch and you want to sell them a cat,

don’t tell them cats make cool sounds.

Tell them cats have smoothe fur that’s fun to the touch. THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING FOR!

Look: you just need to figure out what people are really interested in if you want to know how to sell them your products.

And look, It might sound simple and obvious, BUT,

I’ve watched 7 copywriting courses so far. And to be honest, this is the only copywriting course that that really teaches you how to do this effectively.

But should you buy this course?

In short, If you follow this course all the way through, you will be fully equipped to create amazing marketing texts that get people to buy products, click on your ads and engage with your content.

So this could be the key that finally allows you to make money online, quit your job and live entirely off of your business.

Yes, this course seems a little expensive at 297$, but let’s do quick math.

Even if some sort of natural disaster or something entirely out of your control made it so your business would fail regardless of all the tools you learn in here and there is nothing you can do to save your business,

With that kind of skillset, there are complete beginners who get to charge 50$/hour as freelance copywriters.

If you work 6 hours a day that’s 300 US$ per day.

That’s more than a lot of people make in a week working full-time at minimum wage and you could make that in a day.

In short, you could pay back your investment of 297$ with just 1 full day of work as a beginner doing freelance work.

And… you’ll have an extra 3$ left in your pocket if you want to buy a coffee or something.

So unless you’re already good at copywriting and at customer research or your business just doesn’t require any of them, I’d say this course is worth getting.


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