Aaron – Cold Email Kings 2020


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Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

✅ Strategies you can use to sign a client in 7 days.
✅ How I’m able to send 100s of PERSONALIZED cold emails with the click of a button.
✅ How to find ANY CEO’s email address.
✅ My strategy for picking money-making niches.
✅Secret softwares that make the process 100x easier.
✅ REAL LIFE examples of successful cold emails I’ve sent.
✅ The secret to following up PROPERLY.
✅How to find lists with 1000s of companies in your niche.
✅ Real subject lines that I’ve used to get 80% open rates.
✅ A simple framework to follow that ensures you stay out of spam.
✅ BONUS: Lifetime access to me via Twitter DM’s.
And much, MUCH, more.



Aaron – Cold Email Kings 2020




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